Finally, Fonda San Miguel will reopen on Tuesday, June 23.

Many procedures and improvements will be in place to provide a very safe place to work and to dine. During this too long time, we have been renovating bathrooms, our kitchen, the bar and anything that will make the restaurant safer.

Fortunately, all of our staff were recipients of the Paycheck Protection Program for which we qualified early. That program has now run out. The FSM family is now expecting a successful reopening. 45 years of experience should result on an even better Fonda San Miguel.

With COA, State of Texas and our own guidelines in place, we will be doing the following:
At first, reservations will be required for the dining rooms. Walk-ins will be accommodated in the atrium and bar only. We urge you not to gather at the front door and the hostess stand. Everyone must wear a mask upon entering. We may take temperatures. We are definitely taking temperatures of our staff. When you are seated, then you may remove your mask. Our servers will wear face protections. You may not see their handsome and beautiful faces but we have a clever way for you to “see” who is serving you.

Although not a perfect world, there are some new “normals” that all of us will be learning. We will be following the most positive, safe, even fun approach to welcome and serve you once again. Getting out of our houses is going to be great for everyone.

Please give us your suggestions in any way to make your experience of beginning to return to normal a very positive one.

MIL GRACIAS and welcome back…