Noa Noa 14

In memory of Juan Gabriel

 (Sotol is a spirit made in his home state of Chihuahua and Noa-Noa was the bar he started his artistic career )

Hacienda de Chihuahua Sotol Reposado, Grand Marnier Centenaire, guava puree, and lemon juice.  Served up.



Frijoles Charros 4

Pinto beans with applewood smoked bacon.


Quesadillas Azules 7.5

Three homemade blue corn quesadillas filled with Muenster cheese, epazote and corn.


Tamales 8

House made tamales with rajas and queso.


Ostiones Empanizados 12

Crispy oysters with Tabasco aioli salsa fresca


Tamale de Veracrus 7

Pork with chile guajillo tamale cooked in a banana leaf


Plato Fuerte

Pescado en Cilantro Crema 28

Broiled black drum with cilantro-serrano cream sauce. Served with

Mexican white rice and black beans



Pastel de Crema de Chocolate   8

Tres Leches Ice Cream    8


*Note that some items may contain raw or undercooked ingredients throughout menu